NRS Enterprises

NRS Enterprises

Building brand awareness in 10 days

NRS Enterprise is a company that provides secure and affordable truck parking for carriers and owner-operators. When they first opened their company they needed a way for people to hear about them. We stepped in and helped them increase brand awareness and drive more business to their parking spaces.

Our team's expertise in marketing strategies and tactics helped our client reach their target audience and achieve their goals. We are proud to have been a part of their success and look forward to continued partnership. Read more to see what we did and their amazing results we’ve accomplished.

Landing Page

Creating a landing page is a crucial step in building brand awareness, and this was no different forNRS Enterprises. Our goal was to design a landing page that would effectively communicate the benefits of using our client's parking spaces, and encourage potential clients to take action.

First, we conducted research on our client's target audience and their specific needs. This helped us understand what type of information would be most relevant to them and what messaging would be most effective.

With this information in mind, we then set to work on the design of the landing page. We kept the layout clean and simple, making it easy for visitors to find the information they were looking for. We used high-quality images of the parking spaces to give visitors a sense of what they could expect.

We also included a clear call-to-action (CTA) on the page, such as pricing, so visitors would know exactly what to expect. We made sure the CTA was prominently displayed and easy to find, to increase the chances of visitors taking action.

Finally, we regularly monitored the performance of the landing page and made adjustments as needed to ensure it was performing at its best. We used analytics to track the number of visitors, bounce rate, and conversion rate, to see how well the landing page was performing.

Social media campaign that drives more than 800 reservations

We created a social media campaign for NRS Enterprise which was a promotional social media campaign that aimed to drive reservations for their parking spaces.The campaign was designed to reach as many people as possible and encourage them to visit the website and make a reservation.

We created eye-catching graphics and social media posts that were focused on increasing brand awareness and reach, but more importantly focused on driving website traffic and reservations. Ads were placed right in front of the potential clients and on platforms they use, for the best possible reach.

The campaign ran for a full year and it was able to achieve its goals, reaching more than 72,350 people, and resulting in 829 reservations. The campaign was well-received by the target audience and achieved its goals of driving website traffic and reservations.

Graphic design and video montage

Creating a billboard design and a video montage were two important elements of our marketing strategy forNRS Enterprise. These mediums allowed us to reach a large audience and effectively communicate the benefits of using our client's parking spaces.

The billboard design was created to be both visually striking and informative. We used high-quality images of the parking spaces to give viewers a sense of what they could expect. We also included clear and concise text that highlighted the benefits of using our client's parking spaces. The design was created to be easily readable from a distance and to catch the attention of passing drivers and pedestrians.

The video montage was created to showcase the parking spaces and the services provided by the company. We used a combination of footage from the parking spaces and animations to create a visually engaging video. The video was used as an ad on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, and also as a promotional video on the website.


The results of our marketing campaign were extremely positive. In particular, when the campaign first launched, the company saw an overwhelming response, resulting in fully booked parking spaces for two months within just a 10-day period. This was a clear indication that our marketing efforts were successful in driving awareness and interest in the company's parking spaces. The results exceeded our client's expectations and demonstrated the effectiveness of our marketing strategies and tactics. The campaign's success was a testament to the hard work and expertise of our team, and we were proud to have been a part of our client's success.


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