How lead generation ads will change your driver recruitment in 2023.

How lead generation ads will change your driver recruitment in 2023.

The driver shortage is one of the biggest challenges fleets and trucking companies are currently facing. With thousands of open positions and a higher rate of experienced drivers moving to other industries, it's easy to feel that there is no way out. 

Commercial Drivers are the backbone of our global supply chain. They’re responsible for the safe and timely delivery of millions of packages a day, millions of products to millions of households and businesses. There are an estimated 20 million commercial drivers throughout the world and they have become very important to our economy. 

Unfortunately, the rapid spread of the CoVID-19 virus affected people from all corners of the labor market, including CDL drivers at the top of the list. Without this pandemic, our global economy may not have slowed down as much as it did, and that would not have caused a ripple effect in the job market as much, but now the unemployment rate in the USA is likely to rise to 3.8% through 2023. As such, hiring truckers and drivers in 2023 and beyond is likely to be more challenging than it has been in a while, and doing manual recruiting and making hundreds of phone calls a day, is not a way to go.

So, how to solve this?

Imagine analyzing 100 applications for a job, calling and reading thousand of emails and CVs, then to found out half of them are old applicants, and the other half is not the right fit for the job. Frustrating and time-consuming, huh?

Luckily, the future of recruitment agencies is changing with the latest technology. Today you have to look hard to find any agency to do the job, but the one to look for uses automation in their workflow. Many recruiting agencies that don't use it are unable to hire enough people and there are still lots of unfilled job offers.

So, in looking for the most effective method we have found lead-generation ads.

Lead generation ads are ad types that allow you to collect data about people who click on your ads (potential drivers). Data that businesses typically like to collect includes a name, email address, phone number, and in this case possession of a CDL driver's license.

All you need to do is to create questions that intend people to leave their information as you want, and the ad is set up. The information collected then can be used to build up your new drivers database so that in the end your HR department can analyze them and find the perfect fit. 

Lead generation ads are more effective at pulling in the proper candidates, and they help address the major issue of "recycled" applications because they bring your recruiting ads right in front of your desired drivers.

Drivers don't like long, time-consuming applications, and they can and WILL get distracted easily. Therefore, one of your goals should be to create a lead-generation process, because it is the most effortless application for driver candidates.

Why lead generation ads?

1. No need for a new website

After you complete the questions on a template that has already been designed for you, a landing page is designed. No need for a web developer or a domain. Just make a few questions and your ad is ready to run.

2. Only “interested” people will leave their information.

The most popular reason to use a lead generation ad is to collect potential customers’ data. Only those who want to be reached submit their contact information on a lead generation ad, making them more likely to convert into the driver when you contact them. By doing so, you may generate the most leads possible on a tight budget.

3. It is quick and simple to get client information.

Leave CPC, CTR, and other big words behind. Lead generation ads give you the information in the plainest and simplest form and you can store it, so you can find out about your potential customers much more quickly. Even if they don't have any immediate plans to drive, having their contact information means you can get in touch with them in the future.

By using lead generation ads, you get?

Automatization of results – The system is designed to bring new leads straight to your designated company email - in an instant.

Speed up the hiring process - By using lead generation ads, you’re provided with all the necessary information from the user to reach out to them and directly get in touch with them. 

Communication of your needs - No more wrong numbers, random calls, or cold calling to get new drivers for your company.

And most importantly, you get numerous new leads, in a short time, on a tight budget.

The driver shortage is expected to increase in 2023. So, hiring a new reliable driver is becoming more and more of a challenge. And using old methods will get us nowhere. Our lead generation ads will create the perfect scenario for you because our methods are tried and true, and we’ve never underachieved on our promises.  Read the related case study, to find out how we created a perfect campaign and got our client more than thousand new leads.