A single campaign that helped JoyRide find more than 1000 drivers in one and a half months.

The Driver Shortage 

There’s no question that the US driver shortage is getting worse, with thousands of positions remaining unfilled. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), there are 50,000 open positions at any given time. That number continues to grow each year. In fact, it's expected to surpass 100,000 by 2026! Yet, another problem is that current recruitment pages do not solve the problem of „recycled“ applications. 

The Background

JoyRide Logistics has more than 250 trucks and trailers and is working with some of the biggest companies, like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Best Buy, UPS, Bashas' and FedEx. They serve customers in six states: Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado. 

Apart from their big success, JoyRide Logistics has had immense difficulty in attracting new drivers from its recruitment pages.

The problem was that the company was simply not getting enough qualified applicants to hire for their trucking jobs. And out of the few interested ones, few completed their driver applications. So, with the increasing number of clients and lack of drivers, it was time to take action.

The Solution

JoyRide teamed up with Orior Media, and after careful analysis of the situation they decided to let us handle their recruitment campaign to attract more qualified drivers. The whole campaign lasted a month and a half across multiple key centers for their operations. 

So, how did this campaign work? Recruitment campaign was based on lead generation ads, which collect information about people who clicked on their ads.

Through the recruitment ads that were directly targeted at drivers who were unemployed or looking for a job (actively and passively), people could directly leave their contact information and answer a few short questions, so that JoyRide's HR department could analyze and interview them at the end. 

The End Results

The recruitment campaign reached more than 81,000 people, from California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. You'd probably think that only young people would be reached, due to the nature of this method. But no, people aged 45-64 were the ones to leave their contact information the most. This campaign showed JoyRide in the best light and made people want to be a part of it.

In the end, JoyRide Logistics had its 1051 newly applied drivers in a little more than two months. 

The campaign sped up the whole process and got three times more applications than from any other recruitment page that JoyRide was using before trying this method. Lead generation ads are more accurate in attracting the right applicants, and also solves a big problem of „recycled“ applications.

A Word From JoyRide

JoyRide got their new drivers, and is planning to hire even more. When asked what they think about this method, they said:

“Blown away by the results. Saved us a ton of money that we’d otherwise spend on other platforms for the same results we’ve been getting for years. A monthly campaign with social media ads is definitely the way to go when it comes to driver turnover and, really, just scaling.“

Adis Danan, CEO @ JoyRide Logistics

Contact Us 

If you want to solve the problem and find your qualified drivers as JoyRide Logistics did, contact us and schedule a call with our specialist to walk you through the whole process. Choose your campaign, and let us do the work and show you the results.

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